Quamtrax – ISO Pro CFM 2267 Gram

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The New Isopro CFM™ is an isolate whey protein obtained by the method of cross-flow microfiltration (CFM) in order to avoid the desnaturation of proteins.

Thanks to this method, all the fat and lactose rates are almost removed ; the result is a absorbable and fast-digesting Protein. In addition, It provides a high degree of BCAA as is proper of an isolate whey protein. Isopro CFM™ is perfect for taking it after your workout or even for your full daily protein intakes. Non-additives that might contaminate the real rate of protein. It also provides Kyowa™ Glutamine which increase the muscular recovery after no matter which kind of workout. as it could not be otherwise, Quamtrax Nutrition uses as raw material PROVON™ what certifies the highest quality with an unbeatable taste and virtually fat and sugar free.

  • 88% fast-digesting isolate whey protein.
  • Concentration of BCAA and Glutamine for extreme recovery and protein synthesis.
  • PROVON™ as raw material.
  • New unbeatable-tasting range of flavours without sugar added.

Cappucino, Creme Brulee, Mango Fruit Passion, Vanilla Biscuit, Vanilla Cinnamon, White Chocolate, Banana, Chocolate, Cookies 'n Cream, Pina Colada, Strawberry, Strawberry Kiwi