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Primeval Labs – Neanderthal (caps)

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Primeval Labs - Neanderthal (caps)

It used to be that a man knew his place in the world; he could be rugged, ruthless, and even a bit crude, but sadly those days are no more. Blame it on whatever you will, but the fact is the modern man is a sad, sorry sack of an excuse of his once masculine self.

He’s missing that cunning and aggressive edge that made him the alpha among all of the betas aimlessly meandering through life.

Well, the time has come for man to get back to his primeval roots, and unleash his inner Neanderthal.

What is Neanderthal?

Neanderthal is the latest ground-breaking supplement from Primeval Labs that supports natural testosterone production, enhances libido, and restores confidence. This collection of all natural ingredients have been precisely formulated to enhance and support testosterone production and help defend against estrogen conversion in the body.

Why Use a Test Booster?

Men’s testosterone levels peak at age 30, and then it’s a steady decline into the gloomy realm of low testosterone, and with that comes decreased energy, libido, mood, and muscle mass. But, your fate doesn’t have to be one of doom and gloom.

Neanderthal has been scientifically formulated to aid natural testosterone production and make you feel like the strong, virulent alpha male you used to be. While using Neanderthal, you may experience increased metabolism, superior lean mass gains, improved libido, and significantly greater energy levels. All of this can be accomplished by tapping into the synergism of 11 proven ingredients that will stimulate the production of testosterone and bring out the Neanderthal inside of you!


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