Muscle Rage – Tidal

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Muscle Rage - Tidal

TIDAL is an all-natural but extremely potent water loss formula that will help you eliminate that top layer of water blurring away all of your definition.

Sometimes you feel even after hard dieting and intense cardio you can never look as good as the magazines? This is due to 2 things; 1) Photoshop (sadly we cant help with this) 2) Excess water stopping your striations and vascularity popping out (luckily we can help you with this with TIDAL).

TIDAL is ideal for bodybuilding contests, weddings, photoshoot and any other time you need or want to be looking your best.

  • Rapid Water Loss
  • Natural Ingredients
  • Contest Strength Diuretic

Evaporating the competition without having to resort to waterboarding.