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HEARTSOLVE: The ultimate cholesterol and blood pressure support formula.

It’s very simple - along with building a great physique, you need to equally concern yourself with building great internal health too.

I have been on a personal plight as of late to crack the code to the perfect combination of ​herbs​, ​botanicals​, ​anti-oxidants, phytonutrients​, and​ vitamins​ to achieve the optimal health and wellness.

I created​ MPA HeartSolve™​ due to my own personal dilemma I had faced since I discovered I was pre-dispositioned to ​hypertension​. My Father was prescribed blood pressure medication at a young age so the seed was already planted. As many are familiar within the Bodybuilding community - competing at a high level requires some​ extreme measures.

When I was competing, I was pushing the envelope with achieving body weight numbers that were well past my genetic limit. I was eating copious amounts of food to accrue muscle, and I would embark on stimulant use to get through workouts and competition prep. Doing all these things combined with a genetic predisposition to high blood pressure only amplified my health dilemma.

Doctors initially wouldn’t prescribe me medication to control the issue since I was in my 20’s and visually appeared​ “healthy.​” I knew I needed to find at the very least a natural way to improve overall heart health, which included blood pressure​ and cholesterol management.


This herbal ingredient is used to mitigate sodium retention by acting as a natural diuretic.​ Its diuretic properties have been shown to have the most beneficial impact within the body, primarily with the circulatory and musculoskeletal systems. Celery seeds contain a powerful compound by the name of​ 3-n-butylphthalide​ ​(3nB)​ ​which is responsible for celery's outstanding healing properties.

Celery 3nB ​may reduce fluid retention, which will help your circulatory system regulate blood pressure into a lower range - It helps rid the body of excess water, including the release of fluid surrounding the heart, reducing the heart’s workload. This equates to a healthier, less overtaxed heart muscle.

MPA HeartSolve™​ won’t skimp on effective dosing - so you are getting ​150 mg per serving,​ which is generous since it’s also combined with other stellar ingredients​.


Benolea ® contains the active constituents ​Oleuropein​, and ​polyphenols.​ Oleuropein is a chemical compound with proven blood pressure lowering effects as demonstrated in a handful of clinical trials.

This ingredient was demonstrated in a clinical trial involving 2 identical twins with pre-hypertension. The doses used in this trial was 500 mg​ & 1000​mg​ of olive leaf extract.​ During the course of the trial -- blood pressure changed significantly within twin pairs: mean systolic difference reached up to ​6mmHg​ between the control and the ​500mg​ dose group and up to​ 13mmHg​ between the 500​mg ​and the 1000​mg​ dose group. Diastolic differences amount of 5​mmHg​, respectively.

Even cooler -- Another study compared Benolea® to the anti-hypertensive drug Captopril which is an ​ACE-inhibitor.​ Scientists compared ​500mg​ and ​1000mg​ of​ Benolea® ​compared to 12.5​mg​ and ​25mg ​of​ Captopril​. After a treatment period of eight weeks, blood pressure was reduced for both groups. The systolic readings decreased by a mean of 11.5​ and 13.7​mmHg for the ​olive leaf​ and ​captopril​ groups, respectively. Also, the diastolic readings decreased by a mean of 4.8​ ​and ​6.4mmHg​ for the ​olive leaf​ and ​captopril​ groups, respectively.

The difference in outcomes between the two groups was not considered significant, and the team concluded that the ​olive leaf extract “was similarly effective” as the drug option (Captopril)​.

Also, the scientists noticed an average ​7.8%​ reduction in triglyceride levels among the ​olive leaf extract​ group. The extract group also achieved mean decreases of​ 2.8%​ in total cholesterol, and ​2.9%​ in low-density lipoprotein (LDL).​ There were no such reductions in the drug group​.

Scientists speculated that olive leaf extract ​“might be associated with inhibiting angiotensin-converting enzyme,”​ ​an effect that helps relax artery walls.

In a nutshell​ - Olive Leaf Extract could be similar in effect to popular ​ACE-inhibitor medications that are often prescribed to hypertension patients.

Once again - MPA Supps is giving you a ​500mg dose per serving of this awesome and promising ingredient.


Once again - another patented​, and clinically studied​ natural ingredient demonstrated to support the reduction of blood pressure​ and increase endothelial function. One study showed individuals with pre-hypertension taking ​300mg ​of ​MegaNatural®-BP​ experienced a reduction in blood pressure.The participants took all ​300mgs​ ​once a day for two months, and blood pressure monitoring averaged in systolic readings ​8mmHg ​lower and diastolic pressure lower by​ 5mmHg​. These studies indicated that ​MegaNatural®-BP​ may offer a significant benefit for people with technically healthy blood pressure that typically ranges on the upper end of normal, a condition known as ​“prehypertension.​”

MegaNatural®-BP is multi-faceted, just like the other top notch ingredients in​​ MPA

HeartSolve™​ Not only does it help support lowering blood pressure, but it can also aid in:

Nitric Oxide Production
Mitigating Free Radicals
Supporting Immune Function
MegaNatural®-BP is also covered and intellectually protected by 4 patents. This is why MegaNatural®-BP differentiates itself from other inferior grape seed extracts on the market.

To coincide with the clinical trials-MegaNatural®-BP will be clinically dosed at 300mg per serving.


Saving the best for last.

Citrus Bergamot was turned on to me from my good friend Dante Trudel ​(owner of​. Citrus Bergamot is a very diverse ingredient and has other beneficial properties besides doing amazing things for your cholesterol. ​BergaMonte ® ​is of course patented​, ​standardized​, and ​clinically tested​.

The flavonoid constituents of ​BergaMonte® ​are clinically proven to maintain healthy cholesterol levels, namely and most importantly in my opinion -- boost ​HDL​ cholesterol ​“good cholesterol.” ​BergaMonte® ​is also clinically proven to rectify healthy glucose levels for individuals who are resistant to insulin.

A published research article in the ​Journal of Natural Products​ 2009 showed that bergamot juice contained novel compounds with ​statin like​ principles, having the

3-hydroxy3-methylglutaric acid (HMG) found to the naringin (melitidine) and neohesperidin (brutieridine). These compounds disrupt the synthesis of the cholesterol pathway in our bodies.

The HMG-CoA substrate interferes with the synthesis of the mevalonate acid, negating the production of cholesterol.

One clinical trial showed the effects of both ​500 mg​ and ​1000 mg​ of ​BergaMonte ® on individuals with hypercholesterolemia-- revealing the following outcomes:

-BergaMonte ® reduced LDL cholesterol by 24% in the ​500mg group

-BergaMonte ® reduced triglycerides by 30% in the ​500mg group

-BergaMonte ® reduced total cholesterol by 21%in ​500mg group

-BergaMonte ® reduced glucose level by 19% in ​500mg group

-BergaMonte ® reduced LDL cholesterol by 36% in the ​1000mg group

-BergaMonte ® reduced triglycerides by 38% in the ​1000mg group

-BergaMonte ® reduced total cholesterol by 29%in ​1000mg group

-BergaMonte ® reduced glucose level by 22% in ​1000mg group

BergaMonte ® will be generously dosed alongside the other powerhouse ingredients at 500 mg per serving.

I have personally been using all of these ingredients for a few years now with ​improved blood bio-markers​ across the board​, but most importantly for me--better ​blood pressure management and ​cholesterol control​. These ingredients are especially imperative for serious Bodybuilders pushing their physiques to the upper limit. Many bodybuilders experience ​extremely skewed lipid profiles ​with​ elevated blood pressure​. So please make sure to address your internal health while maximizing your outer appearance.

MPA HeartSolve™​ uses ​patented​ & ​branded​ ingredients, alongside a clinically dosed serving size. ​Make this part of your health & wellness supplement arsenal, and stop buying multiple single ingredients and spending more money when you have 4 ingredients in 1 product with​ ​MPA HeartSolve™

-Matt Porter