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MPA Cardiosolve ondersteunt de hartfunctie, een must have voor iedere serieuze atleet

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First off - this product will stack amazingly well with ​MPA HeartSolve™ ​as they work to support different functions of the cardiovascular system and work through different mechanisms.

MPA CardioSolve™ ​is an absolute powerhouse cardiovascular formula designed to ensure your heart muscle is working as efficiently, and healthy as possible while pursuing your plight to the upper echelons of Bodybuilding, health & fitness or whatever high level athletics you are involved in.

Let’s face it, many of you put your body through absolute torture. You all understand your vital heart organ is functioning without rest ​every day​,​ every hour​, ​every minute and ​every second​ for each day of your existence​. It’s actually exhausting to think about your heart’s activity in full depth. You add in the lifestyle of an extreme athlete, whether Bodybuilding at a high level, cycling, marathon running, football, etc...and you can imagine how vital your heart’s functioning ability really is.

Bodybuilders specifically need to concern themselves with how their heart is functioning when they are forcing ​massive amounts of calories​, influencing ​superfluous high body weights​, partaking in ergogenic aid ​ ​usage that may ​augment blood pressure​, high cholesterol​, ​increase blood viscosity,​ and hinder ​endothelial function​. You all need to be proactive in protecting your 1 special organ that every other organ depends on to be nourished with oxygen and blood -- ​YOUR HEART.


Kaneka™ Ubiquinol​ -​ (reduced form Co-enzyme Q10)

The research on Ubiquinol is absolutely astonishing and every human living and breathing air should be supplementing with it. There are several published studies on Heart Failure patients from mild to severe that see improvement in ​life expectancy, quality of life​, and also ​improved ejection fraction output.

In a nutshell - ubiquinol will improve heart functionality by increasing ​ATP production​, helping convert food ingested into much needed energy for all cells of the body, including the heart​. Ubiquinol is also a potent ​fat-soluble antioxidant​ which will help neutralize free-radicals protecting ​DNA and other proteins from oxidative damage.


This patented form of ​French maritime pine bark extract is the highest quality and most pure -- ​do not fall for much cheaper generic versions without the trademarked “​Pycnogenol®” logo on the bottle​. They will sell a generic​ version listed as “pine bark extract”​ ​--which could be from low-grade origins.

Pycnogenol is so multi-faceted in regard to cardiovascular benefits that it’s a no brainer to use this ingredient. What intrigued me most about pycnogenol was a study I saw regarding combining Pycnogenol​® & Ubiquinol in​ patients with Heart Failure.

A 12-week study conducted at ​Chieti-Pescara University ​investigated the effectiveness of ​Pycnogenol​ and ​Ubiquinol​ supplementation in 53 patients between the ages of 54 and 68 who had stable heart failure.

One group received sugar capsules (​placebo)​, while another group received 15mgs​ pycnogenol​ and 50​mgs​ Ubiquinol.​ ​Those taking Pycnogenol and Ubiquinol significantly increased their heart ejection fraction by​ 22.4​ percent.​ As a result, the oxygen-rich blood supply to the organs improved, making patients physically more energetic. The control group did not​ experience the same increase in heart ejection fraction.


-Improves circulation

-Increases vasodilation

-Improves cholesterol markers

MPA CardioSolve™ is topped off with a wonderful plant extract by the name of Arjuna, or “Rejuna ™”​ by Verdure Sciences.​

Arjuna has been shown in studies to help heart function in patients with severe refractory Heart Failure. A study involved 10 patients with dilated cardiomyopathy​​, and 12 patients with Congestive Heart Failure​. Both set of patients received 500​mg of Arjuna​ every 8 hours for 2-weeks. Arjuna supplemented patients compared to placebo had an increase in left ventricular stroke volume​ ​ index​ (44.21 +/- 11.92

40.45 +/- 11.56 ml/m2; P < 0.05) and ​increase in left ventricular ejection fractions ​(35.33 +/- 7.85 vs. 30.24 +/- 7.13%; P < 0.005). Long term evaluation showed more improvements in symptoms.
Arjuna may support cardiovascular function by:

-Aiding in aerobic running capacity via increased oxygen consumption
-Improve left ventricular ejection fraction
-Improve diastolic function in people with mitral regurgitation
The powerful synergy between ​Ubiquinol​, ​Pycnogenol​, and ​Arjuna​ is what makes ​MPA CardioSolve™ ​the most powerful and useful cardiovascular health supplement on the market. When you combine MPA CardioSolve™ with MPA HeartSolve™ you are covering your cardiovascular health from top to bottom, leaving no stone unturned.

*You’re getting ​7 individual ingredients​ with only two formula’s when you combine MPA HeartSolve™ with MPA CardioSolve™. Saving you time and money instead of purchasing all the ingredients individually*

As always MPA Supps uses only the highest grade ingredients and most effective doses in every formula we put out. Expect nothing less but the best with every product.

-Matt Porter