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Cutler Nutrition – Generate – BCAA & EAA

  •  BCAA & EAA in 1 
  •  Helpt je sneller te herstellen al tijdens je workout
  •  Geen toegevoegde kleurstoffen en heerlijke smaken!
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Cutler Nutrition - Generate - BCAA & EAA

GENERATE is not your everyday branched chain amino acid (BCAA) supplement, but rather features all nine essential amino acids (EAA) to help stimulate muscle growth and enhance recovery.


We’ve heard it too: “BCAA’s are all you need for muscle recovery!” Unfortunately that sentiment is for those who preach older research or sports nutrition companies clinging onto old products and fearing change. Let’s break it down in an analogy:

BCAA’s act as the “lightswitch” to muscle growth, mainly due to the very anabolic amino acid: Leucine. Consume BCAA’s and flip the switch and all is well right? Sorry, but you need an electrical current to complete the “circuit.”

EAA’s are your missing piece - the “electrical current.” Truth is, you need all of the essential amino acids present in order to properly build muscle tissue and recover at your best. When combined, BCAA’s and EAA’s work synergistically by providing both the “electrical current” and the “switch” for muscle growth.

We know you’re here to build muscle (why else would you be reading this?) and ask any professional in the space and they will all tell you how important muscle recovery is.




Blackberry Lemonade, Watermelon